Joining the Navy Supply Corp

What factors were the strongest contributors to be accepted as a Navy Officer in the Supply Corp?

References – find power references

  • prior military is huge
  • high ups in organizations: Directors, Executives, get people that have stature

ASTB results

  • Test is tricky, there is not a lot of study guides available for it, the ASVAB guides help, but it was not perfect.
  • Know basic math, you can’t use calculators, get quick at doing basic math in your head, the test doesn’t give you a lot of time, saving a few seconds per question and be the difference of answering all the questions or running out of time
  • Practice, practice, practice – take timed practice tests, figure out the rhythm of each section, get an idea of how long you have for each section.  As Vince Lombardi famously said, “Practice Like Your Play.”  Find a mock testing center (even just the library), get out of the comfort of your room, bed, etc.  Go to new places to take practice tests, have a friend monitor it for you.  Make sure you are ready for the testing environment.

Making my first choice wisely

  • The boards want to see candidates who are excited about being in their particular area.  Find your area, apply to it, learn about it, and make a goal to become part of it.

Interview with senior officer

  • I have heard horror stories about difficult interviews, mine was definitely nerve racking
  • Study up on area the interviewing officer works in
  • KNOW THEIR RANK make sure to address the officer correctly, if you are not sure, ask your recruiter beforehand
  • CLEARLY EXPLAIN what you want to do and get out of from the Navy
  • ASK QUESTIONS, the interviewer will ask you if you have any questions, YOU DO, even if you just ask about his experiences, come up with several questions ahead of time and make sure to ask at least a couple of them.
  • DRESS SHARP where a suit, polish your shoes, get a hair cut a few days before, show up looking your best, if you don’t, you are already putting yourself at a disadvantage


  • It takes a while, the board meets once a month at most.  Start planning now where you want to be in a year.  You might get a decision sooner.  But, it will take some time.


10 Shortcuts for Faster Web Browsing

Web Browser Basics

Here are a few basic shortcuts that every user should know about web browsers:

Ctrl+T  = Open New Tab

Ctrl+N = Open New Window

Ctrl+Left Click= When clicking on a link, opens it up in a new window, great so you don’t have to leave a page your reading.

Ctrl+E jumps right to the search box at the top right corner of Firefox (or to the search bar in Chrome)

Ctrl+L jumps to the address bar

Once you are typing in the address bar, no need type .com anymore, press Ctrl+Enter to automatically add .com to an address

Shit + Enter to add .net

Example (press Ctrl+L and type bgallagher and then press Shift+Enter to quickly add .net to the address)

Ctrl+Shift+Enter for .org

Ctrl+W Now that you are able to open up information faster, you need to be able to easily close tabs

Ctrl+Tab will move you to the next open tab

Shift+Ctrl+Tab will move to the previous tab

Note: The above two are very useful for navigating among open web pages.

Most of this information is very common, but it is good to review the basics and to remember that we had this shared with us at one time or another.  Heck, tabbed browsing has only been around a few years.


7 Tips to improve productivity on a computer

It is amazing how many hours a day people spend on a computer and yet they don’t realize how much more productive they could be with a few simple tips.  Most of you probably know at least some of these already, but hopefully a few will be reminders or ideas to boost your productivity.

1. Use shortcuts – shortcuts will shave time off of your everyday tasks.  What are the best shortcuts?  Follow along and a few will be discussed here.

2. Learn the basics of Excel – Excel and other spreadsheet programs are powerful tools that most computer users have very little understanding of.  What are the basics? Formulas, Formats,

3. Don’t check your email 50 times a day – the more you distract yourself with email, the harder it is to focus and actually get work done.  NOTE: Please turn off the message notifier, set a few rules for important messages and batch process the rest

4. Don’t click on every link you see – If it looks fake, too good to be true, or otherwise sketchy, just avoid it.  Even if it is from a friend, send them a message asking if the link is real.  The only thing the “Free IPad” link will get you is a virus on your computer.

5. Read about your operating system, software and applications that you use frequently.  There is tons of advice available on how to improve your everyday life.

6. Invest in your technology – I don’t understand why people keep old, slow, limited feature software and products.  Yes, they were good, but now they are even better.  Spend a few bucks, save a ton of time.

7.  Shortcuts, as mentioned earlier, here are a few you need

  • Ctrl + Tab in your browser will switch between tabs.  Add in the Shift key to go right to left
  • Windows Key + D = Shows desktop
  • Ctrl + S = saves your work in most programs, please don’t ever use the excuse that you didn’t save your work
  • F12 = Save a file as, as stated above, but for original or renamed document
  • For more tips on surfing the web faster, check out my post on faster web browsing



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